What is FuzzBombCraft? Come meet me….

Welcome! Namastè!

My name is Suz but my husband, Dan, gave me the name “Fuzz Bomb” soon after our first meeting. When called to describe what that means, it is far more challenging to explain in words than it is if I put my hands in yours and sit quietly, letting our hearts and souls do the talking…

But for now, these words will suffice… the idea of a “fuzz bomb” is similar to a “happiness grenade” but with more fuzz… I have an innate ability to make everything, and everyone a bit softer, a bit kinder and a lot more loving. This warmth emanates from everything I touch. My family, friends and my pack/pride feel it, my students gravitated towards me because of this, and the people I have found through digital connections are enriched by the Light I carry with me. It is the same Light that is in you.

I am an artist, a Reiki Master, a poet, a teacher, a musician, a lover, a wife, sister and an amazing friend and companion. I taught for 9 years in Title I elementary schools and now that I’ve retired from teaching, I’m re-visioning my place in our beautiful, tender world. Creating this blog is part of this. I am brand new at this blogging adventure, so please forgive me for my naivete and share your experiences to help me along….

Welcome to this next part of my journey.


This is made of paper...


2 thoughts on “What is FuzzBombCraft? Come meet me….

    • Wow… thanks! I am grateful for the nod, my Kind Friend… I will do my part, although it may take a bit to complete all the pieces, it shall be done. A lovely way to find other growing blogs and provide mutual support. Thanks again!

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