I’m loving this blog and this post is what pushed me into the start of mine. Some really great ideas…

The Thinking Closet

Ten Tips for New Bloggers...From a New Blogger via The Thinking Closet

It was two months ago today when I clicked that glowing button on the WordPress homepage inviting me to “sign up now.”  After much deliberation, I gave my blog a name, wrote my first post, and bolted full-speed ahead into blogland.

Wow.  To think that just two months ago, blogger jargon like “link parties,”  “trackbacks,” and “grabbing a button” might as well have been Greek to me….

I have learned a lot in these first two months as a blogger, and though I have miles to go, I thought I’d take the time to reflect on what I’ve learned thus far and share a few insights with those of you who might be just now shoving off.  I hope you, dear reader, find it useful.

10 Tips for New Bloggers…From a New Blogger

1.  Take quality photos. When figuring out how to create my own blog, I…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Suz, and for the kind words. As I just commented on my blog, it’s truly an honor to have played a small part in the process of you starting this blog. I’m thrilled for you…and will be following along in bloglovin’. Happy blogging, friend!

    • 🙂
      It’s all about the great circle of inspiration. And I am honored to be part of that process, both in the receiving and the giving.
      I’m so grateful to be here.
      Peace be with you, my Dear….

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