Life re-created, Site re-design, and while I’m at it- the Yupo Flower of Life painting re-vised as well….

I forgot how bleary eyed working on a computer makes me…and that used to be my 9-5 before watching the towers fall when living in NYC. I was a web application developer for DoubleClick in 2001(after 4 years of computer work) but my heart wanted to become a teacher. So, as I walked home to my apartment uptown, on that fateful day, seeing sky where buildings should be, I decided that my precious energy, already limited by Multiple Sclerosis, was better spent on teaching the poorest of the poor. So I went through the NYC fellowship and was dumped into a “high needs/hard to staff” school, in Bushwick Brooklyn. In the end, with a masters in education , I served for 9 years as a teacher in several Title I schools in NYC and south Florida. I love teaching. I miss teaching. But now my soul is guiding me upon another path and this blog is very much part of my re-creation, my re- vision of my place in this world. My body has decided that I gave all I could to my students and that there is a different way i am to serve. I may not know what I’m supposed to be doing but I hear the whispers of my soul, nudging me here. (Don’t ask me where “here”. I just know I’m in the right place) … Just like I keep getting nudged to change this piece…


FuzzBombCraft Flower of Light revised

May we all be blessed, with all we need, to do what is ours to do.  With love and light. Namastè


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