Thanks to the Keeper of the Ridge

What does the word “rural” mean?

For the record…
First 14 years in Mt. Vernon, NY. My home town shared an edge with the Bronx. 
7 years in Hixson, TN- just outside Chattanooga. I thought that was rural.  Nope. I was wrong. Smallish town? Yup but still had urban areas.
4 years at HC in Worcester, MA
(A summer or 2 in New Town,  PA)
9 years in NYC (5 years in Manhattan (upper east and then east village), 4 years in Brooklyn)
5 years in south florida
6 months hot springs village, AR
Now here- on chestnut ridge as northwest as you can go and still be in Illinois… 

We are grateful, beyond measure for David and his home that he has opened to us for as long as needed -months to a year to 5 years.

But we are totally in farmland. We walk down the “lane” (fancy word for long ass dirt/gravel driveway) almost daily to visit with 2 horses (that we’ve named marbel and red (or brownie). Depending on who sees her first.

If it wasn’t for David and his tractor, we’d never make it to “town”.

Its hard to accept 3-4 stoplights making a town….

But I digress…
Dave is the Lane Keeper and we are grateful.
Back to what you were doing. Carry on…shovel if you got one…

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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