Cold Gratitude…

It is cold here. Like wind chill in the NEGATIVE TWENTIES


Way too cold but way too beautiful...

365 days ago I had 70 degree weather outside. Light breeze, if I remember correctly. It was a perfect day for a lovely stop by the beach on my way home from work.
Kind of…not really.

I was at a point where every action i  did was directly linked to my survival and still working full time. Wake up, work, inhale lunch, work more, drive home, cook a bag of something, sit on couch, try to work, fall asleep working and crawl into bed.
So the weather was beautiful but unreachable. I gave all I had for my 31 “kids “. It was worth it. I would do the same if I could today….

As I am blessed with challenges, there is a higher truth at play….

Yes. I am disabled and can no longer work. Yes, we didn’t choose to live with family but the Universe decided it was time to work on our humbleness. We are given this chance to re-vision our lives. Really being free to choose where our energy goes, without distractions.
It is beautiful here.
We got up, drank our coffee, took care of the animals, read and prayed, ate a bit, and did our work for the day – the calling of doctors and managing health stuff (on the necessary list). Then we walked down to the car to run it for a bit and stacked fire wood for today and tomorrow. I was able to do this today, without hurting myself…
Now I reflect, eat a bit more and allow my body the rest it demands. My daily “recharges” are mandatory. I have no choice- my body will claim sleep, regardless of my activity or posture. I will be asleep within 15 minutes. Desire has nothing to do with this.
So I make the process as pleasant as possible. Snuggling down with the animals and playing soft music help me find the warmth and peace I need to fully “plug in” and make the most of what I have.

In Part of my daily prayers I say:
I am blessed with all I need to do what is mine to do. If I do not have the energy, it is not mine to do

Now is my chance to learn what that means…

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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