Cold reflection

I’m cold
Wait don’t dismiss this so quickly …

OK. Cold, isolated, trapped, restricted, abandoned.
What parts of that sentence are true to this moment? Not other days, years, times, or version of you that had cold related experiences…but who you are- right now.

Try again.

OK. Cold, insulated, seeking warmth, deep quiet, loud hush, less distractions, introspective…

There is the Truth of this moment, not in what cold meant before but what it mean presently…

I understand.

At least enough to find peace now, in this moment of transmission of intention formed in though, made visible in word. Then my life continues to grow.

Blessings of faith, manifested in a deep understandings and shifted reality,

arrive at the best time, when it will have the greatest impact, if I allow it to come forth.
And today I have taken my steps towards the manifestation of my Higher Self.

And I am grateful… may we be blessed with abundant good- however it manifests.

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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