Warm Greeting

Not the brand of kitchen appliance but literal temperature. I cannot draw forth from memory another day this cold.

(And the cat meows his agreement)

So when the dog started jumping on the bed around 6 am, it could only mean one thing. Her time of need was at hand. (She’s still on rice and kibble- so her needs were urgent. Thus the jumping on the bed.)
How quickly can I go from 0 to 50 layers? Phia can attest- less than 5 minutes. 2 robes, a pair of fuzzy pants, socks, slippers, vest, 2 scarves, gloves and a coat (& hood)- all donned to bear the (-18 ) wind chill factor…

The things we do for love…

her business was completed and coffee made. Then I went upstairs to the main living area and what a sight…. David (f in law) drives a school bus and had already risen and left for the day. But before leaving, he revived the fire…aahhh warmth.

Have I told you yet- I really dislike cold & the frostbite that comes along with extreme temperatures.

And then my spirit nudges me and whispers
There is a reason for this. Come sit with these extremes. There is something to learn from them

But first comes first. Coffee.
Discussion to be continued after liquid fuel.


Thanks to David for providing Warmth this early morn.

Coffee is highly recommended…
Drink if you have some.

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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