Without question…I’m exactly where I need to be…

When I meet someone new (like You, Dear Reader), and we begin to share our deeper selves, there is always a moment (or ten) where we share time telling of our “origin narratives”. Who we were, what happened and what grew or was laid aside. It could be seen as a way to provide the in-sight to who we are in this moment  and as a link to our dreams and a sharing of hopes that can help spur growth, in ways unforeseen.

I’ve never been a superficial person. With me- I don’t have energy in excess. I have enough to do what is mine to do. (If I don’t have the energy, it is not mine). So- I go deep. Expect that from me. I make meaning by communication- talking (writing and sharing) out an idea opens me to the vast possibilities. And frees my spirit to speak.

At some point, early on usually (for me at least), my listeners express pity in some respect to some aspect of my path until now. Don’t feel bad if this happens to you. I listen for what is motivating the expression of compassion.  It is always received with joy for what it is- an expression of empathy, an opening to a far deeper dialogue about challenges and blessings- two words, soon to be expressed as one and the same, for my whole story, the joyous and the sad, the pain in creation has given me rich, fertilized soil to plant my intentions. Most lessons are best seen as learning experiences, allowing and slowing down of time and distance, working their magic. And in the end, Hopefully, we are all a bit stronger, a bit wiser and a bit more loving.

So….hm. really really long preamble to the “simple ” personal “truth”—–

I am exactly where I am supposed to be   it doesn’t matter where I am. I am safe. I am loved,  mostly without condition- we’re still working through the stories that got us to this point. Once we get through the bigger previous chapters-ones important to understand the type of help being requested- then we will all be walking towards our Highest Truths together.
That is my hope, at least for now .
     Good enough for now.
So I have found something important, in my ramblings.

I am in the “perfect” place for the things I need to learn, to grow the way I need to grow and love everyone as best I can. And that includes me.

Coffee, yogurt (strawberry)  and my favorite pack/pride. Just right. And I am grateful.

Have a blessed Saturday. May it be just what you need.


Any question where I should be?

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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