Candlelit Pudders


She is as soft, in fur and temperament, as she looks

A darkened room
   gray punctuated with a ragged
  Source revealed and illumined

A small cat,
    Fur soft, down plentiful and seen
Sitting,  four paws in the space
   Of a postcard,  tail wrapped subject
       Worthy of a stamp.

Two decades past 
  The first of four
       (….of an infinite…)
Rescued from
  a limited life
In time and quality

The Heart was melted by
  This ragged softness
The purr experienced by
       All senses, numbered or not
-A Gracious Gift of Salvation

I am grateful to witness, record
    and receive.

My Gift to You, My Dear Ones
©2013 2/11/13
Suzanne L Kriesant

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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