She continues…


The background is added and I made the darks darker ...

What a difference
    ….the color wheel doesn’t lie….
Opposites bring each other out
        Show so much more
Than seen before…

Faith strengthened
… instincts confirmed…
I am learning
        …the language of the Rose…

Suzanne L Kriesant

Namasté,  my dear Reader…

with Love, Light and Blessings….


4 thoughts on “She continues…

    • Thanks!
      I am teaching my engineer husband how to paint and I have learned so much in the process… I bought him a color wheel and I’m grateful he’s a good sharer…

      My new understanding of Color theory through our “lessons” has improved my craft.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      • In the beginning he wanted everything to be even and balanced. Thank god he is past that stage….Now we can discuss colors as wave lengths and both of us participate in a meaningful way. Example- when pushing a part of a painting to the background- use blue to create the depth. Blue is a longer wave length and can go farther with the same amount of energy (photons). Red has a shorter wave length and only arrives at the eye from shorter distances thus warm colors are for the foreground. He’s also working on a few “color studies” where he’s taking each primary and secondary color and creating a grid of tint, tone and shade of each…(I’ll ask him if I can post a few). He has become my best critique. And my art has risen to a higher level because of his involvement. I am grateful. Best of luck with yours.

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