Pencil progression…

I’ve been teaching myself how to draw people. I know the basics of a face but the challenge is making it look like the person.

First was my nephew Sam


After the first few sessions...

Thank god for my kneaded eraser.  I would have gone crazy with smudges…


Sam, mostly finished. (I've tweaked it since this picture)

Then, while waiting to find a good picture of his brother Ben, I decided to try sketching Phi-Dog…


Note: this is not finished (yet)

Before I got a chance to finish her, I found a picture of Ben.


After the first few hours...

And now, he’s almost finished…


Closer, but not there yet...

And I continue to learn. Next, I have a commissioned dog portrait in watercolor for a local pet store… trying to find a way to support my art supply habit without touching the household budget…

(want to get your own portrait, illustrated poem or other piece of custom work done by yours truly? My prices are quite reasonable… email me at FuzzBombCraft ( at) gmail (dot) com )

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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