Robin Red Breast


I am blessed with an amazing partner and husband- I call him Papa Bear. He supports my artistic growth by providing materials and supplies.  Over the years he has bought me: a keyboard, Quilling tools and paper (a great supply), oil paints and brushes, and a gigantic box of origami paper- the fancy paper I could never bring myself to buy ($$). This was all while he was working as an Engineer.  Now that he has retired on disability, it has been harder for him to find the funds with a much smaller income. That and I have all the materials I need.

Papa Bear (PB) has been working hard all winter to make sure that there is always feed for the resident birds. Even when pain, snow, cold and ice made it difficult, he still pushed himself to buy feed and work on keeping our feathered friends happy.

Yesterday PB shared with me why he has committed himself to bring theircaretaker….
“I always support your art. And keeping the birds around is like buying a big box of origami paper…”


Posing for me...

He’s right. It is.

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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