Birthday Bead Shopping Spree

My apologies, my dear Reader – for I have yet to break down each of yesterday’s pieces and share the metaphysical properties…

Today we went to downtown Galena, walked around and I went to the local bead store and spent the birthday money Gram sent… Gram is an amazing woman- still living alone at home at 94 and doing quite well (and receiving support services several times a week). It wasn’t much but perfect to get a few lovely beads to play with. (Note: I added the findings, the beads came naked)


Mother Of Pearl Pendants - 3 look like eyes but the bottom one has a small face


Agate Marbles that could become anything...


Titanium Quartz Pendants

As for not posting meanings as promised… we got home from a lovely day out (getting coffee together for the first time in years… literally), walked the dog and as we stood in the back yard, Dan turned and slipped on the snow/ice. 
He has MS (with challenges with his balance) and has survived 4 major clots- 3 “massive” pulmonary embolisms since we got married 8 years ago (9 years in July) and will spend the rest of his life on blood thinners.  Not a good combo.

And he fell on a 1/4 split chunk of wood too. We’re thinking sprained/cracked rib. So that’s taken all my attention. At this point, he’s in quite a bit of pain but alright. I will catch up in a day or two, promise.
Night all. Rest well…

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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