A Blessed Moment in Time…


Summer of 2002, a year of daily witness and then 5 blessed days of re-membering...

From the beginning, Spirit/God/dress/Gaia/Energy/Vibration/metaphysics/communicating our Truths/ Deeper Understanding/Living Consciously was huge part of our discussions and was the foundation of our choices….

We had been chatting daily for a little over a year.  I was a web programmer and had IM windows open all the time with coworkers and friends. We spoke daily. First about MS (I was diagnosed in 1998, Dan in 2000) and then we starting sharing our understanding of the Universe. I had more of a Neo-Pagan understanding while Dan has a strong understanding of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. We became each other’s mirror, helping to reflect and and a chance to refine our expression of Self. The conversations continued as we recovered from relationships and as we practiced honoring ourselves, claiming our time to be single. We shared all our stories, with absolutely no concept of expectation of a romantic relationship.  NYC and Chicago are too far apart.

Then I watched two towers fall. I was laid off. My cobra hiccupped and I was without avonex. Dan was working. He provided me a month supply. Worth almost one thousand… I said “I can’t pay you back but if you come to NYC, you have a place to stay.

And this was then…


   That was an amazing 5 days where we finally found each other, after our own lessons, after learning to love and honor our Divine Selves, finding our highest Truths reflected in each other’s eyes… I am blessed have all my journals from this time and I am able to reconnect with the woman I was at that time.  Things fell into place so naturally – we celebrated the moments that showed that the Universe was acting on our behalf…  there were a lot of joyous tears…

Yes, we have circumstances that others may call challenges. But Love is far stronger. We choose to live a reflective life. And I am grateful.
May we all be blessed with enough.

with Love, Light and Blessings….


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