Tender paw prints..


Phia and I before it was time for her to go

   warranted and understood
Wagging tails and ragged purrs
    A fondness to form
Changing all.

Staying for moments
   ending far too soon
Lives forever changed
     And sent ahead with love
Memories of joy undimmed.

Every moment
Every lick
  Every game
   Every purr
    Every thing
Each a blessing beyond measure.

Fallen and yet to fall
   Sinking into fur warm and soft
A big tongue to wipe them away.
    Peace found in peace given.

The most loving act
   most painful still
the giving back a freedom
    to play without reserve
love forever carried.

Peace is found
  in giving peace
There is no more pain
   No more uncertainty
More than worthy of this kindness

   And Loved.


Pudders - just before she became an angel....

Rest in peace, my beloved Phia.
Rest in peace, my precious Pudders.

Come snuggle with me tonight and every night to come. I will miss your physical presence and grateful that your spirits will be with me always, all ways.

I love you both. You will always be mine.

*yesterday, May 5, 2013, Pudders passed from this world and is waiting for us on the rainbow bridge until it is our time. Dan (my husband dear) rescued her 19 years ago from a farmer who was ready to end her life. The life she gave us was beyond expectations…

Today, May 6, 2013 we released our 13 year old dog Ophelia Jane from her well worn body. We thought that we were losing her a full year ago. She rallied and healed. I know now- She stayed with us until she knew we were safe. The cancer had come back and stopped her digestive system from working properly. She was in far too much pain and discomfort. Although it was painful for us, her physical pain was more so we did the most loving thing we could. I held her head in my lap as she slipped away.  I am sad but grateful for every moment together.

with Love, Light and Blessings….


A Blessed Moment in Time…


Summer of 2002, a year of daily witness and then 5 blessed days of re-membering...

From the beginning, Spirit/God/dress/Gaia/Energy/Vibration/metaphysics/communicating our Truths/ Deeper Understanding/Living Consciously was huge part of our discussions and was the foundation of our choices….

We had been chatting daily for a little over a year.  I was a web programmer and had IM windows open all the time with coworkers and friends. We spoke daily. First about MS (I was diagnosed in 1998, Dan in 2000) and then we starting sharing our understanding of the Universe. I had more of a Neo-Pagan understanding while Dan has a strong understanding of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. We became each other’s mirror, helping to reflect and and a chance to refine our expression of Self. The conversations continued as we recovered from relationships and as we practiced honoring ourselves, claiming our time to be single. We shared all our stories, with absolutely no concept of expectation of a romantic relationship.  NYC and Chicago are too far apart.

Then I watched two towers fall. I was laid off. My cobra hiccupped and I was without avonex. Dan was working. He provided me a month supply. Worth almost one thousand… I said “I can’t pay you back but if you come to NYC, you have a place to stay.

And this was then…


   That was an amazing 5 days where we finally found each other, after our own lessons, after learning to love and honor our Divine Selves, finding our highest Truths reflected in each other’s eyes… I am blessed have all my journals from this time and I am able to reconnect with the woman I was at that time.  Things fell into place so naturally – we celebrated the moments that showed that the Universe was acting on our behalf…  there were a lot of joyous tears…

Yes, we have circumstances that others may call challenges. But Love is far stronger. We choose to live a reflective life. And I am grateful.
May we all be blessed with enough.

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Birthday Bead Shopping Spree

My apologies, my dear Reader – for I have yet to break down each of yesterday’s pieces and share the metaphysical properties…

Today we went to downtown Galena, walked around and I went to the local bead store and spent the birthday money Gram sent… Gram is an amazing woman- still living alone at home at 94 and doing quite well (and receiving support services several times a week). It wasn’t much but perfect to get a few lovely beads to play with. (Note: I added the findings, the beads came naked)


Mother Of Pearl Pendants - 3 look like eyes but the bottom one has a small face


Agate Marbles that could become anything...


Titanium Quartz Pendants

As for not posting meanings as promised… we got home from a lovely day out (getting coffee together for the first time in years… literally), walked the dog and as we stood in the back yard, Dan turned and slipped on the snow/ice. 
He has MS (with challenges with his balance) and has survived 4 major clots- 3 “massive” pulmonary embolisms since we got married 8 years ago (9 years in July) and will spend the rest of his life on blood thinners.  Not a good combo.

And he fell on a 1/4 split chunk of wood too. We’re thinking sprained/cracked rib. So that’s taken all my attention. At this point, he’s in quite a bit of pain but alright. I will catch up in a day or two, promise.
Night all. Rest well…

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Robin Red Breast


I am blessed with an amazing partner and husband- I call him Papa Bear. He supports my artistic growth by providing materials and supplies.  Over the years he has bought me: a keyboard, Quilling tools and paper (a great supply), oil paints and brushes, and a gigantic box of origami paper- the fancy paper I could never bring myself to buy ($$). This was all while he was working as an Engineer.  Now that he has retired on disability, it has been harder for him to find the funds with a much smaller income. That and I have all the materials I need.

Papa Bear (PB) has been working hard all winter to make sure that there is always feed for the resident birds. Even when pain, snow, cold and ice made it difficult, he still pushed himself to buy feed and work on keeping our feathered friends happy.

Yesterday PB shared with me why he has committed himself to bring theircaretaker….
“I always support your art. And keeping the birds around is like buying a big box of origami paper…”


Posing for me...

He’s right. It is.

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Done and signed…


She is done…
“Unnamed” watercolor on 140lb paper 12×18

And I am pleased. I’m quite happy how this ended up. I’m learning the rose.

Many years ago, an art teacher of mine (Sal) got frustrated with me because I wanted to do a painting of my wedding bouquet. It had a rose or two in it. It was the one (and only) time I let him use my brush. He painted a few strokes and it gave the impression of a rose.

I have improved greatly since then. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been blessed with that has brought my craft to a whole new level….

I think I still have his email someplace…. maybe I should send this to Sal…

Peace be with us all…

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Ode to our Dragon

A black bearded
Insides dry and
Until she is fed
   Grounds and water

A fire builds
In her belly
    Born of spark
A growl and hiss
    A gurgle and then

A gift is given
   An elixir dark and
     Our Dragon
Is a good Dragon.
  A keeper.
      For sure.

Suzanne Kriesant

with Love, Light and Blessings….


Work continues
   Although more meditation
Than toil
      What is the color of Dark?
   What is the color of Light?
Questions asked
      Answer not immediate
But within the process…

    The answer is revealed
drop by drop,
    Pigment settles, dries,
          lighter than first appears

Part faith
  Part experience
Combined and entrusted
        my Beloved will
    understand the adoration
            enfolded within….

Peace be with us all….


As of this moment, she continues to grow and change, stroke by stroke and I am grateful.

with Love, Light and Blessings….