Tender paw prints..


Phia and I before it was time for her to go

   warranted and understood
Wagging tails and ragged purrs
    A fondness to form
Changing all.

Staying for moments
   ending far too soon
Lives forever changed
     And sent ahead with love
Memories of joy undimmed.

Every moment
Every lick
  Every game
   Every purr
    Every thing
Each a blessing beyond measure.

Fallen and yet to fall
   Sinking into fur warm and soft
A big tongue to wipe them away.
    Peace found in peace given.

The most loving act
   most painful still
the giving back a freedom
    to play without reserve
love forever carried.

Peace is found
  in giving peace
There is no more pain
   No more uncertainty
More than worthy of this kindness

   And Loved.


Pudders - just before she became an angel....

Rest in peace, my beloved Phia.
Rest in peace, my precious Pudders.

Come snuggle with me tonight and every night to come. I will miss your physical presence and grateful that your spirits will be with me always, all ways.

I love you both. You will always be mine.

*yesterday, May 5, 2013, Pudders passed from this world and is waiting for us on the rainbow bridge until it is our time. Dan (my husband dear) rescued her 19 years ago from a farmer who was ready to end her life. The life she gave us was beyond expectations…

Today, May 6, 2013 we released our 13 year old dog Ophelia Jane from her well worn body. We thought that we were losing her a full year ago. She rallied and healed. I know now- She stayed with us until she knew we were safe. The cancer had come back and stopped her digestive system from working properly. She was in far too much pain and discomfort. Although it was painful for us, her physical pain was more so we did the most loving thing we could. I held her head in my lap as she slipped away.  I am sad but grateful for every moment together.

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Go there…

Go there…


I watch the snow fall
A connection Back
  but with New Eyes

A moment claim-able
   at All times
Time to Practice Congruency
      Following my Spirit’s Urges
as I claim this
        Healing Time

Connect with (and back) to the Sparkle
   the Flitting Light
             that Exists in between
Always,      in All Ways
    In this Moment

Time to See with New Eyes
Look for the Sparkle
     Go there.

Suzanne Lamoureux Kriesant

with Love, Light and Blessings….



Far beyond what I
       could have
         should have
             would have

But I breathe.
  A way to be found
I only know
    My next step.

It can be hard to
    speak out loud
but to stretch
    is part of my journey.

I have returned.


Silent visitors...

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Ode to our Dragon

A black bearded
Insides dry and
Until she is fed
   Grounds and water

A fire builds
In her belly
    Born of spark
A growl and hiss
    A gurgle and then

A gift is given
   An elixir dark and
     Our Dragon
Is a good Dragon.
  A keeper.
      For sure.

Suzanne Kriesant

with Love, Light and Blessings….

She continues…


The background is added and I made the darks darker ...

What a difference
    ….the color wheel doesn’t lie….
Opposites bring each other out
        Show so much more
Than seen before…

Faith strengthened
… instincts confirmed…
I am learning
        …the language of the Rose…

Suzanne L Kriesant

Namasté,  my dear Reader…

with Love, Light and Blessings….


Work continues
   Although more meditation
Than toil
      What is the color of Dark?
   What is the color of Light?
Questions asked
      Answer not immediate
But within the process…

    The answer is revealed
drop by drop,
    Pigment settles, dries,
          lighter than first appears

Part faith
  Part experience
Combined and entrusted
        my Beloved will
    understand the adoration
            enfolded within….

Peace be with us all….


As of this moment, she continues to grow and change, stroke by stroke and I am grateful.

with Love, Light and Blessings….

Candlelit Pudders

Candlelit Pudders


She is as soft, in fur and temperament, as she looks

A darkened room
   gray punctuated with a ragged
  Source revealed and illumined

A small cat,
    Fur soft, down plentiful and seen
Sitting,  four paws in the space
   Of a postcard,  tail wrapped subject
       Worthy of a stamp.

Two decades past 
  The first of four
       (….of an infinite…)
Rescued from
  a limited life
In time and quality

The Heart was melted by
  This ragged softness
The purr experienced by
       All senses, numbered or not
-A Gracious Gift of Salvation

I am grateful to witness, record
    and receive.

My Gift to You, My Dear Ones
©2013 2/11/13
Suzanne L Kriesant

with Love, Light and Blessings….