How to paint black fur…

Disclaimer: I am, by no means, an expert. Other than growing up with a self taught artist mom, my art instruction has been limited. A few classes here and there from ages 6 through 18 and then one art class in college (3D fundamentals). As an adult, I painted with a group for about a year, learning how to paint in oils. That’s it.

The rest I learned as I go.

So- that being said, I am learning how to paint black fur.


Still working on this... it's getting closer...

Here’s the original photograph that I’m using for reference…


Picture taken by Teresa Hannaman from the Galena Gazette (used with permission)

I used that picture and my opaque projector to sketch out the basic form. Then next step is to start laying down paint…


First layer of many


After a few more hours...

At this point I realized why he looked so flat. Black, as a color of paint, is dead and flat. The key to making black live is adding other colors. I added a bit of red (more foreground) and/or blue (distance) and all of a sudden, the nose started to come forward and the ears curl…


Still working on this... it's getting closer...

A bit more and he will be Harley. 

with Love, Light and Blessings….


I’m loving this blog and this post is what pushed me into the start of mine. Some really great ideas…

The Thinking Closet

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It was two months ago today when I clicked that glowing button on the WordPress homepage inviting me to “sign up now.”  After much deliberation, I gave my blog a name, wrote my first post, and bolted full-speed ahead into blogland.

Wow.  To think that just two months ago, blogger jargon like “link parties,”  “trackbacks,” and “grabbing a button” might as well have been Greek to me….

I have learned a lot in these first two months as a blogger, and though I have miles to go, I thought I’d take the time to reflect on what I’ve learned thus far and share a few insights with those of you who might be just now shoving off.  I hope you, dear reader, find it useful.

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